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Kristi Yorks, Cella Magazine Writer

As a writer, editor, and teacher, I'm always searching for a good story. A starving artist and avid writer, spending  days narrating the vast skies and deep valleys of our world and the characters I find there. Storytelling took me to Boulder, where I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Writing at Naropa University, and eventually, carried me to the mountains of Crested Butte, a small community devoid of street lights but overflowing with art, ski bums, and jagged skylines. I was inspired by the stories I heard there - stories of triumph, struggle, and hope.

Kristi Yorks, Cella Magazine Writer

I spent five years as a freelancer, writing these stories for various publications. I dream in ink; I write books, tell stories, edits articles, perform poems, and make sure to keep a pen and a notebook at my side at all times.


My love affair with language led me into the chaotic world of education where I have designed writing curriculum for virtual classrooms and have become an advocate for education reform. I continue to inspire the next generation of writers and thinkers as an Associate Professor of English at Colorado Technical University.

Kristi Yorks, Cella Magazine Writer

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My passion for language inspires me to traverse unknown spaces, to navigate new worlds (both real and imagined), while illuminating the stories that make us, us.

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