Life demands change, progress, transformation. It demands movement, and so, we move, driven by our passions, building memories, casting stories, using the past as a way to create our future – our own imagined possibility.


The movements of our lives play back, flashes of color and light, of voices and faces, of choices and chance encounters. We stitch each movement together, building the stories that become us – stories of what was, what is, and what could have been. Our narratives resonate, touching the lives of others as we are also touched by their stories and passions; together, we inspire our limitless trajectory. In this way, our lives are connected to the stories of others. Our developing passions, ambitions, struggles, and hopes become a vital part of our community - our shared past, present, and future. To move forward, to dream, to continue becoming, we demand the stories of others – stories of passion and service that illustrate the possibilities of us.


What inspires you to continue moving forward? What dares you to dream and to strive? Cella Magazine is committed to sharing the stories that inspire our future while narrating the moments that define our community. Through our words, our art, our service, and our passions, the story of us continues to grow, driving us forward, building our legacy.


Kristi Yorks

Kristi Yorks, Cella Magazine Writer

Whether it's sharing sacred spaces, mindful understanding, sustainable living or harmonizing happiness ... CELLA is a magazine of the conscious woman that highlights inspirational stories about women ... stories that go deeper than print.


Cella (pronounced chella) is a Greek word referring to the inner room or sanctuary of a temple. A place where people come together to share their trials, their hopes, their failings, and their triumphs so that others can learn from their example.


It is a monthly print and web publication focusing on the people whose stories are changing our world. Cella explores our passions, our health, our style - who we are, what we are doing and how we do it - in images and words. It celebrates our present and narrates our future - a sanctuary within which we can explore, discover, and challenge each other to move forward.


John O. Lewis




John O. Lewis, Owner, Editor, Sales, Cella Magazine


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